Enterprise Register for Pesticide/Biocide Companies: mandatory license for all Spain based companies that wish to manufacture, import, store, market or apply biocidal products.

According to Order SCO / 3269/2006, the following will be subject to the obligation of registration in the Official Register of Pesticide / Biocides Establishments and Services:

a) Natural or legal persons, owners of the establishments, who carry out one or more of the following activities:

1st. Manufacture of pesticides or biocides.
2nd. Packaging of pesticides or biocides.
3rd. Storage of pesticides or biocides.
4th. Marketing of pesticides or biocides.

b) Natural or legal persons who carry out application services with pesticides or biocides included in the scope of application of this order, when these services are provided in any of the following cases:

1st. With a corporate character.
2nd. From services to third parties.
3rd. In fixed treatment facilities.

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