Food Industry


Licenses, authorizations or approvals for food products or industries where food products, dietary supplements, bottled waters, special nutrition, milk and infant foods or infant products are produced.

The Real Decreto 191/2011, 18th February, about the Registro General Sanitario de Empresas Alimentarias y Alimentos (BOE 8.3.2011) – General Health Register for Food Industry-, in its article 2, states the premises and industries objective of this National Register and which might be registered in the regional ones; and in its article 3, specifies the food products that might be registered at a National level.

Urdí-Solé & Associats, S.L. could assess and process the following items:

  • General Health Register for Food Industry. (Registro General Sanitario de Empresas Alimentarias y Alimentos).
  • General Health for Food Transport Enterprises. (Registro General Sanitario de Empresas de Transporte de Alimentos)
  • Dietary supplement notification.
  • Register of foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses.
  • Register of mineral waters and spring waters.
  • Notification of infant formulae.
  • Labelling check on nutrition and health claims made on foods.
  • Assessment for foodstuffs import/export.
Food Industry
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