Authorizations and approvals for manufacture and commercialisation of cosmetic products.

The legislation currently in force at European level is the Regulation 1223/2009 that harmonize technical and legislative requirements in all the European Union.

Urdí-Solé & Associats, S.L. offers the services of assessment and process of the following procedures:

  • Authorization of the activities of Manufacturing and/or Import of Cosmetic Products, Toothpastes and Hygienic products (Autorización de las actividades de Fabricación y/o Importación de Productos Cosméticos, Dentífricos o similares y productos de Higiene o de Estética).
  • Cosmetic’s composition check according to the legislation currently in force.
  • Cosmetic product notification for medical treatment.
  • Cosmetic product Information File check.
  • Cosmetic product Safety Report check.
  • Register of toothpastes and other products.
  • Register of esthetic products.
  • Register of personal hygiene products.
  • Processing of National Code for cosmetics commercialized in the pharmacy channel.
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